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Oxide Finishes

best oxide plating company

Black Oxide Plating at G&A is routinely done on a daily basis. Without a doubt, G&A is recognized as the best oxide plating company in the Northeast. The key to black oxide plating is in the ability to blacken the base plated metal with an oxidizing solution, then properly prepare the hardness of the oxidized surface prior to relief in vibratory and tubbing machines. Control of this process is dependent on the proper amount of black removal from a smooth surface while leaving enough black in recessed areas to achieve an antique look with contrasting colors. This process is as much art as it is science. Our plating technicians have many years of experience that allow G&A to provide a finished product that is brilliant in color contrast and unique to G&A.

Other Processing Capability

Mass Finishing Vibratory + Tubbing

mass metal finishing

Polish + Satin Finishing

polish and satin finish


lacquer finish

X-Ray Certification

x-ray certification

Two Tone Finishing

two-tone metal finishing

2-Tone is achieved as follows:

1. Plate the base metal with a particular color plate.

2. Cover up an area on the item that is not to receive a second plating operation.

3. The cover operation uses a particular solvent based paint, referred to as “Stop Off”.

4. The item is plated a second time with a different color plate.

5. The Stop-Off is removed from the painted area revealing the original color plate underneath.

6. The item now has 2 plating colors on the same item.

Oxide Finishing at G&A Plating

Need help with design services or product development involving Oxide Finishing? You’ll get it from knowledgeable engineering and production staff members with over a century of combined, on the job experience.